2018-2019 Committee: Katelynn Daly (Treasurer), Annie Hoang (Vice-President), Marwa Atwa (Membership Coordinator/Member at Large), Yalda Zamani Keteklahijani, Behzad Fuladpanjeh Hojaghan (Treasurer). Missing: Tianpei Shu (Member at Large), Umer Farooq (Member at Large), Luis Virla (Member at Large).


2016-2017 Committee: Behzad Fuladpanjeh Hojaghan (Treasurer), Farbod Sharif (Secretary), Beatriz Molero Sanchez (President), Lucie Nurdin (Vice-President), Yalda Zamani Keteklahijani (Member at Large). Missing: Luis Virla (Member at Large), Marwa Atwa (Member at Large).


2015-2016 Committee: Dr. Viola Birss (Faculty Advisor), Beatriz Molero Sanchez (Vice-President), Dr. Kunal Karan (Workshop Speaker), Anusha Abhayawardhana (President), Mina Zarabian (Treasurer). Missing: Luis Virla (Secretary).


2011-2012 Committee: Suresh Mulmi (Secretary), Hany El-Sayed (President), Dr. Venkataraman Thangadurai, Dr. Viola Birss (Faculty Advisor), Ehab El Sawy (Treasurer), and Corie Horwood (Vice-President).


Previous Members:

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Committee Member Best Known Whereabouts
Behzad Fuladpanjeh Hojaghan PhD Candidate, University of Calgary
Annie Hoang Research Assistant, University of Calgary
Katelynn Daly PhD Candidate, University of Calgary
Yalda Zamani Keteklahijani Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Calgary
Tianpei Shu Calgary
Umer Farooq Calgary
Farbod Sharif Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Calgary
Lucie Nurdin PhD Candidate, University of Calgary
Luis Virla Research and Development Lead, Vorsana
Mina Zarabian CEO & Co-founder, Carbonova
Beatriz Molero Sanchez CTO & Co-founder, SeeO2 Energy
Anusha Abhayawardhana British Columbia
Suresh Mulmi Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Calgary
Ehab El Sawy Assistant Professor, The American University in Cairo
Corie Horwood Staff Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Hany El-Sayed Research Associate, Technical University of Munich