The ECS Calgary Student Chapter organized several events for the visit of Dr. Shelley Minteer (USTAR Professor, University of Utah)  to the University of Calgary on June 8, 2018. Prof. Minteer is a Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative professor at the University of Utah in the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. During the morning of her visit, Prof. Minteer facilitated a biofuel cells and bio-batteries workshop that attracted nearly 40 attendees, including 11 new members, from a range of departments, including the Departments of Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Geoscience, Chemical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The focus of this workshop was on energy harvesting using biofuel cells, different electrocatalytic moeities (enzymes, organelles, and microbes), different electron transfer strategies (direct versus mediated bioelectrocatalysis) and options for biocathodes and bioanodes.

In the afternoon, Dr. Minteer presented her recent research at a widely attended seminar titled “Enzymatic Bioelectrocatalysis for Energy and Electrosynthesis Applications.” Afterwards, 20 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows participated in an evening social event with Dr. Minteer over dinner. During the event, Dr. Minteer discussed her views on careers in electrochemistry, describing her path to becoming a professor, her journey in creating a start-up company, as well as industry jobs for students with graduate degrees in science. The chapter would like to acknowledge Calgary Advanced Energy Storage and Conversion Research Technologies (CAESR-Tech) for co-sponsoring Dr. Minteer’s visit to the university.

The ECS Calgary Student Chapter presented a plaque to Dr. Shelley Minteer at the biofuel cells and bio-batteries workshop she facilitated.


Graduate students and Post-docs discuss career pathways in electrochemistry with Dr. Shelley Minteer at The Den.